Frequently Asked Questions
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Frazeframe takes your highest voted photo in each category to form your “Current Votes." The user with the highest current votes at the end of the competition wins the prize.

"Current Votes” is the sum of your highest voted photo in each category for the current competition.

"Total Votes" is the sum of all of your votes on all of your photos.

“Total Posts” is all of the photos you have posted.

No, but congratulations you earned bragging rights!

The “Top Photos” page displays only the top photos in your area.

We only use your email to notify you win you win a prize! Your information is kept private!

Usually 7 days, but it could be shorter depending on the competition!

Frazeframe needs to read the location on your phone to verify you are in that location and not trying to post from another city.

No, Frazeframe only allows you to post and enter in the competition in the area you are located in.

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